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The firm’s Tustin office location, located near the Santa Ana (I-5) and Costa Mesa (SR-55) Freeway interchange, provides quick, easy access to the majority of our client cities. The office employees total (16) individuals who comprise a complete staff of professional engineers and support technicians where all design work products are prepared using state-of-the-art AutoCAD software and personal office computers from this office location.

Hartzog & Crabill, Inc.

17852 E. 17th Street, Suite 101
Tustin, CA 92780
Phone (714) 731-9455
Fax (714) 731-9498

Company Email Directory

Trammell Hartzog, President -

Gerald J. Stock, PE, TE, Executive Vice President -

Armando Solis, PE, Senior Engineer -

Scott Ma, PE, TE, Senior Engineer -

Bernie Dennis, TE, Senior Engineer -

Douglas Anderson, Traffic Engineering Manager -

Michael Vallado, Associate Engineer -

Greg Cabey, Traffic Signal Systems Supervisor -

Dave Martorano, Senior Designer -

Todd Hartzog, Senior Designer -

Dennis Schmitz, Traffic Signal Systems Specialist -

Dave Pickrell, Traffic Signal Systems Specialist -

Michael Powers, Traffic Signal Systems Specialist -

Patie Hernandez, Office Manager -