Our Staff

Over 400 Years Experience in Traffic Management

Our Staff

Mr. Trammell Hartzog, President, Principal-In-Charge
With over 40 years of experience, Mr. Hartzog is a recognized expert in traffic signal operations and in the preparation of construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates (PS&E) for traffic signal systems. His areas of expertise also include the development, implementation, and calibration of signal coordination timing. Over the years, Mr. Hartzog has been retained by numerous cities to prepare plans for individual intersections, systems of signalized intersections, and also to provide on-going traffic signal operations/monitoring services to (16) Southern California cities. His other areas of expertise include the design of PS&E for signal interconnect and signing & striping plans.

Mr. Gerald J. Stock, PE, TE, Executive Vice-President, Principal-In-Charge

Mr. Stock is Executive Vice President of HCI, and is a registered professional Civil and Traffic Engineer with more than (24) years of municipal engineering experience. Mr. Stock serves as Principal-In-Charge for any requested City traffic engineering services. Mr. Stock presently serves the City of Bellflower as contract City Engineer and City Traffic Engineer since November 2000. Prior to Bellflower he also served the City of Norwalk as City Engineer as a member of City staff.

Mr. Stock currently provides On-Call Traffic Engineering services to the Cities of Hermosa Beach and Laguna Hills. As such, he has first-hand experience with the day-to-day challenges, as well as opportunities for the development of solutions to a variety of traffic and transportation-related issues. Mr. Stock assists the Cities of Bellflower and Hermosa Beach with review of traffic impact analysis reports, as well as the preparation of such traffic reports and PS&E for development projects in the City of Bellflower. In recent years, Mr. Stock developed a prioritized inventory of traffic signal improvements as part of the development of the City of Bellflower’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The results of this effort were used for the successful application of Federal Hazard Elimination Safety (HES) funds to construct two (2) traffic signal upgrades.

Mr. Scott Ma, PE, TE, Senior Engineer
Mr. Ma is a licensed Civil and Traffic Engineer with the State of California. Mr. Ma brings over (12) years of engineering experience specifically related to traffic engineering and is currently serving the City of South Gate as contract Traffic Engineer on a part-time basis. Mr. Ma oversees most aspects of the City’s service requests regarding review of traffic-related requests, analyses and operational studies, permits, amongst many other duties. His experience includes conducting a variety of traffic studies including but not limited to, warrant analyses, preparing and reviewing traffic impact analyses reports and recommendations, responding to community requests such as crosswalks, traffic signals, stop signs, parking matters, and also performing project management that includes the preparation and submittal of project PS&E.

Mr. Bernie Dennis, PE – Senior Traffic Engineer

Mr. Bernie Dennis is a Registered Professional Traffic Engineer with over (40) years of experience in municipal traffic engineering. Mr. Dennis has extensive experience in traffic engineering administration, traffic operations, and traffic planning. Mr. Dennis continuously interfaces with City Departments and many County, State and Federal Agencies. His experience allows him to perform traffic-engineering functions with minimal supervision; and as a “long term” municipal employee, he recognizes the necessity of effectively responding to and addressing the needs and concerns of the public and elected officials. Mr. Dennis prides himself on work products that are complete, technically accurate, and easily understandable by the engineering professional and layperson alike. 

Mr. Dennis has provided traffic engineering support to the Cities of Corona, Los Alamitos, Menifee, Orange, Rancho Santa Margarita, Signal Hill, Villa Park, and Yorba Linda, among other client cities. As the City of Orange’s first Traffic Engineer, he had the responsibility of establishing the City traffic engineering function, inclusive of initiating and implementing policies, procedures, standards, goals and objectives.

Mr. Douglas R. Anderson – Traffic Engineering Manager
Mr. Doug Anderson currently provides day-to-day traffic engineering services on various traffic-related tasks for the Cities of Lake Forest and Tustin. Mr. Anderson is responsible, and assists with, general traffic engineering, management of transportation related capital improvement projects, and provides development review for encroachment permits and private development. His current duties include overseeing the management of the City’s traffic signal system, responding to traffic related requests from the public and staff, administration of the permit parking program, review and inspection of traffic control plans for work activities, managing the traffic signal coordination master plan, and overseeing the design of traffic signal components and timing programs for the regional traffic signal synchronization projects.

Mr. Michael A. Vallado – Associate Engineer
Mr. Vallado provides assistance in the area of the preparation of signal operations analyses, warrant analysis reports, and project specifications. Mr. Vallado brings over (16) years of experience specifically related to traffic-engineering and signal design. Five of these years were devoted to running the City of Glendora's Traffic Engineering section, while the past (11) years have been with HCI. His primary responsibilities with HCI include preparing signal analysis reports/recommendations, project specifications, and preparation of final plans, specifications and estimates to our client cities.

Mr. Greg Cabey - Traffic Signal Systems Supervisor
Mr. Cabey brings over (23) years of traffic signal experience to the HCI team and is responsible for overseeing many traffic signal timing tasks for our client cities. Prior to HCI, Mr. Cabey was a Lead Technician for Peek Traffic for over (12) years. This experience has allowed him to retain in-depth knowledge on the types of controllers in several areas’ traffic signal systems. His extensive field experience and familiarity with signal systems and timing provides complete success for any requested traffic signal and signal timing related services.

Mr. David Martorano - Senior Designer
Mr. Martorano provides assistance in the area of traffic engineering design and oversees most aspects of any signal CAD drawing preparation. Mr. Martorano brings over (21) years of experience specifically related to traffic engineering, signal and signing/striping design. His responsibilities include project research and CAD designs on all traffic projects, including traffic signal, interconnect, signing and striping, and traffic control plans.

Mr. Todd Hartzog – Senior Designer
Mr. Hartzog provides assistance in the area of traffic engineering design and oversees most aspects of any CAD drawing preparation. Mr. Hartzog brings over (20) years of experience specifically related to traffic engineering, signal and signing/striping design. His responsibilities include CAD designs on all traffic projects, including traffic signal, interconnect, and signing and striping plans.

Mr. Dennis Schmitz – Traffic Signal Systems Specialist
Mr. Schmitz brings over (40) years of traffic signal experience, and is involved plan-checking, submittal review, and construction observation services. Prior to HCI, Mr. Schmitz was the Traffic Operations Manager for the City of Orange for (35) years as the Senior Engineer in responsible charge of the Public Works Traffic Operations Section. This included managing all design, operations, and inspection of the City’s traffic control devices.

Mr. David Pickrell - Traffic Signal Systems Specialist
Mr. Pickrell brings over (30) years of traffic signal experience to the HCI team and is involved in overseeing our traffic signal management services for several south Orange County cities. Prior to joining HCI, Mr. Pickrell was the Traffic Signal Systems Supervisor for the County of Orange, where he worked for over (25) years and was in responsible charge of two (2) Traffic Operations Technicians in the Public Works Department. During his career at the County, Mr. Pickrell implemented countless coordinated routines along major arterials within the Cities of Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, and unincorporated Orange County, using timing provided by Passer, Passer II, Transyt 7F, and Synchro programs. Mr. Pickrell also created many of the intersection graphics as part of the signals system management.

Mr. Michael Powers - Traffic Signal Systems Specialist
Mr. Powers brings over (20) years of traffic signal experience to the HCI team and is involved in aspects of our traffic signal management tasks for our client cities. Mr. Powers is certified as an International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Level III Traffic Signal Technician. Prior to HCI, Mr. Powers worked for Siemens (Republic and Peek) as a Lead Technician for over (20) years.